Risk Free Guarantee of Fat, Oil and Grease Bioremediation

Risk Free Guarantee of Fat, Oil and Grease Bioremediation

Custom Protocols Ensure Success of The Eco-Drain System

Users of The Eco-Drain System have learned that when their products are used according to the protocols designed for the facility, the results are unbelievable.  Whether a restaurant suffering from dangerous water pools around floor drains, a hotel suffering extreme gaseous odors from indoor grease trap access, a hospital dishwashing area laden with fruit flies or a multi-family high rise experiencing costly overflows in tubs and sinks, The Eco-Drain System has resolved the problem every time.

The Eco-Drain System product line offers guaranteed results for all types of food service or grease producing facilities.  We are so confident in our products and protocols that we are now offering a 100% risk-free period of 120 days to prove to you how well the products work. 

When a representative from Property Management Connections develops your personalized protocol, they will review the 6 steps to success and how they impact the ability to attain your goals.  Feedback is encouraged throughout the first 30 days of the program as your staff adjusts to the simple implementation steps and the proper product application is achieved.  Customers may choose to implement TEDS in an aggressive “Shock & Awe” method or a more conservative slow-and-steady approach.  

Either way, if you experience a problem, we’ll review the conditions that caused your dissatisfaction.  We will either refund your money or work on product replacements at no charge to reach your desired results.  If your FOG and/or fruit fly problems have not been resolved, we want another shot at obtaining your goals!   Call today – 216-904-6046 – to arrange for your personalized property survey, or download to get started yourself.

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