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Maintenance Lighting Products, Interior & Exterior LED Integrated Fixtures, Energy & Gas Use Audits, Fats Oil & Grease Remediation, Window Treatments

Manufacturer and Distributor Rep

Property Management Connections supports property managers in industries such as multifamily housing, lodging, entertainment, foodservice, hospitality and automotive by providing a range of maintenance products. We invite you to explore our product pages and read the articles posted on our news and resources section.

Our History

50+ Years of Industry Expertise

Oscar Berman built a name for himself in Northeast Ohio as co-owner of Paint & Pattern Centers and then the owner of Designer Accents, a major distributor and manufacturer of window treatments, closet shelving, bath accessories and more. After selling the company, he founded Oscar’s Connections in 2008 to address consistent requests for referrals from past customers who had trusted him for many years.  After over 50 years in the window treatment, paint & wallpaper and services industries, Oscar retired in December 2014. Today, his daughter, Brea Berman-Black, operates the company as Property Management Connections and continues the work of his legacy. Our renewed focus is on providing property managers with connections to companies who display measurable savings, customer focused initiatives and innovative maintenance solutions.

Meet our Team

Who We Are

Whether a current customer or a property manager looking for new products or distributors, we’d love to hear from you. Visit our contact page to learn more.


Brea Berman-Black

With over 20 years of professional sales and marketing experience, Brea was a natural at taking over and revitalizing PMC in 2014. Her focus is customer-centric program development driven to capture customer needs first and service them efficiently and economically.


Stephen Black, Jr.

Stephen focuses his efforts on large commercial and hospitality projects - primarily in lighting and The Eco-Drain System. But, as with any business determined to connect the proper needs for their customers with the optimal solution, Stephen is often carried into other areas.

Administrative Assistant

Brittney Maughan

Brittney combines interesting professional and personal skills to be the rockstar who keeps us functioning administratively. She works full time as a classroom aid for children with severe disabilities and joins us late each afternoon to support our customers.


Oscar Berman

After over 40 years in the window treatment, paint and wallpaper industries, Oscar retired in December 2014. He remains connected with the company while traveling the world, cycling and volunteer reading to preschoolers.