Embassy Suites Controls Fruit Flies at Dish Wash Station

Embassy Suites Controls Fruit Flies at Dish Wash Station

Dishwashing areas in all types of food service establishments are the ultimate breeding ground for fruit flies.  An Embassy Suites hotel experienced swarms of flies claiming wall space and and ceiling vents.


Dedicated dishwashing rooms provide ideal heat, food supply & moisture for fruit fly larvae to reproduce.  Fats, Oils & Greases (F.O.G.) splash on walls and ceilings, collect on the floor around difficult-to-clean areas and live in the insinkerator.  Frequently these areas are ignored and fruit flies are considered a standard operating component for your staff.


Embassy Suites was concerned over the close proximity of their largest dishwashing area with the primary food prep tables.  Swarms of flies from the ceiling vent were beginning to collect around clean glassware and to packaging materials.  To combat their challenges, one application of Grease Patrol RTU was put into a spray bottle and sprayed generously on the vents, the walls, under the table and around the floor.  Grease Patrol RTU was chosen because of the Nemoil content which discourages fruit fly reproduction to manage existing swarms and the aggressive Grease Patrol concentrate which has aggressive F.O.G.-eating bacteria which stays activated long after the first treatment.  Two Bio-Pucks were also run through the automatic dishwasher ton inject bacteria into the drains.


Swarms were completely gone within 48 hours.  Employees reported a substantial improvement in the smell surrounding the area and improvement in their work conditions.

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