Incandescent Exit Lights Cost More Money

Incandescent Exit Lights Cost More Money

RealLighting exposes top exit areas of profit in multi-family, commercial, retail and hospitality properties

Ask 10 people their opinion on LED products and you’re bound to get 15 different answers.  Certain things are clear – LED bulbs or LED Integrated Fixtures will save you money on your electric bills by substantially lowering the wattages used.  This, in turn, leads to benefits for our environment.  And, the cost of LED products have gone down substantially over the past several years.  But so the debate begins… when do you upgrade your property to LED?

“The first place to start with LED lamps or fixtures are anywhere power is running 24/7/365, but even that can be a deceptive place to start because the range of costs on lamps can swing greatly.  The one missing piece most of our customers forget is in the power usage of their exit signs.  This is the #1 place to start whenever considering LED upgrades.” ~ Shawn Sanders, Owner, RealLighting

The quickest and easiest way to save money is walking your property, counting the emergency fixtures, and then counting your savings from there.  For as little as $19, a variety of emergency fixtures are available for your facility. 

For more information on RealLighting’s assortment of in-stock, low priced emergency fixtures, contact us today.

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