Natural Treatment Beating All Chemicals

Fighting Fats, Oils, Grease & Odors Like Never Before

The Eco-Drain System (TEDS) was founded by individuals deeply rooted in hospitality food service.  Their daily life included becoming accustomed to horrific smells, dangerously slippy floors due to slow-moving drains, fruit fly swarms and grease laden equipment.  They dealt with capital improvement issues when pipes cracked, stayed past business hours to jet drains and continuously struggled with employee complaints.


Determined to find a solution — and not just another product to mask the issues — research on TEDS commenced.   Originally intended to solve problems for food service facilities, The Eco-Drain System has evolved to servicing the needs of multi-family properties, residential homes and more.  Find the use best suited for your needs and be amazed by results within 24 hours — without environmentally harmful chemicals.

Solutions from 10,000 meal per day food service to country home showers.

The Eco-Drain System is NOT an enzyme.  It uses naturally occurring bacteria (similar to probiotics used for healthier digestion in humans) which attacks F.O.G. and other natural byproducts anywhere it accumulates and literally eats it, stopping further build up and complications.   Complete a Property Survey today and we’ll develop a treatment protocol that addresses your unique F.O.G. issues.


Fly swarms around the dishwasher?  Customer complaints about flies in red wine?  Water fall hazards?  Sticky equipment that just won’t clean?  Problems solved!


Offensive odors from trash chutes?  Urine stains?  Make-readies taking too long due to grease-laden appliances?  Tub backups breaking your bottom line?  Problems solved!


Dumpsters too close to guest quarters?  Roof HVAC system causing odors?  Self-serve breakfast/happy hour areas attracting fruit flies?  Restaurant or bar contributing to issues?  Problems solved!


Tubs with standing water?  Odors coming from your kitchen sink or dishwasher?  Pumping your septic tank costing too much?  Have a decorative pond laden with algae?  Problems solved!

Where The Eco-Drain System Can Be Used

Slow Flow Drain_250

Floor Drains


Mop Sinks



Embassy Suites - Beachwood

Dish Wash Area

Chick-fil-A - Harvard

Equipment Cleaning


Grease Traps


Hand Wash Sinks

Fountain Drink_250

Soda & Juice Machines

Malley's Chocolates

Ice Cream Parlours

Washington Inn & Bistro


Embassy Suites - Beachwood

Bar Sinks


Organic Carpet Stains




Trash Chutes


Tubs & Showers




Ice Machine Cold Mold


Trash Cans


Air-Borne Odors


Gap Sink Drain

Shaw JCC

Mop Head & Bucket


Recessed Zurn Drains

Shaw JCC

Indoor Pool Decks

Chick-fil-A - Warrensville Heights


Cabinet Cleaning

Greasy Appliances

The Eco-Drain System Product Line

Barrier Fluid provides an all-natural and aggressive quick start to building a healthy habitat for bacteria and penetrating heavy odor issues.

bioBRICKS are extremely flexible to combat F.O.G. issues in many situations, from beverage stations to 10,000 gallon grease traps.

bioFORCE Granuals are reserved for the most pestering grease trap issues and are only treated directly into the trap.

bioSHIELD Plus is used in two very different but equally effective ways – as a bioremediation floor cleaner and as a treatment for trash chutes and dumpsters.

Eco-Gelly often combines with Grease Patrol to create the strongest bug & odor fighting defense.  It also offers powerful degrading results against sugar and yeast build ups.

Encaged Floor bioBRICKS are a staple item within The Eco-Drain System product line to fight F.O.G., sugars and other organic substances at their original entry points.

Encaged Sink bioBRICKS is a supportive addition to The Eco-Drain System, providing an additional line of defense against fats, oils, greases, sugars, wheat, and other organic substances from penetrating your pipes.

EnviroClean 2000 is a non-bacterial based floor cleaner which delivers exceptional environmentally preferred cleaning power.

Grease Patrol is the hallmark product within The Eco-Drain System, with the largest variety of functional uses for fats, oils and grease bioremediation.

Immediate Remediator is the fast-acting, environmentally preferred to unclog existing drain back-ups and address “cold mold” and sugar stains in soda machines.

Renew Plus

Renew Plus combats airborne malodors and encapsulates them to minimize smells and maintain bacterial consumption.