FirstEnergy’s Ohio Utility Companies Offer Rebates in 2017

FirstEnergy’s Ohio Utility Companies Offer Rebates in 2017

Ohio customers of Ohio Edison, The Illuminating Company & Toledo Edison can qualify for LED upgrade incentives

Ohio business owners have been falling behind the rest of the country as Northeast Ohio’s primary electric provider withdrew rebates and incentives to upgrade outdated electrical lamps & fixtures.  In 2017 FirstEnergy has returned with a strong incentive program, offering all types of commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional customers incentives to upgrade and lower their electric bill in 2017.

If you’re still asking why to consider upgrading to LED, perhaps you haven’t noticed lately the 15-20% decrease in cost of LED lamps and Integrated Fixtures.  LED products are becoming available with longer warranties, even lower energy consumption and better value retention.  The addition of electric company provided incentives is the icing on the cake.  

“Taking advantage of utility based rebates and incentives should be focused first on the most used and most expensive lighting areas in your facility.  Utilizing funding available from the utilities will defer your capital outlay and substantially decrease your timeframe for ROI.” ~ Brea Black, Owner, Property Management Connections


Rebate programs vary by state and electrical provider.  It’s important when considering taking advantage of available funding that all steps be followed exactly as the rebate structuring requires.  This includes involving FirstEnergy from discussions to planning to implementation. 

Following are the highlights of the incentive program.  

Lamp/Fixture Type Incentive Amount Requirements
LED Lamps $10 per Lamp Must be ENERGY STAR rated
Specialty CFL Lamps $1.50 per Lamp Must be ENERGY STAR rated.  Specialty lamps include candelabra, PARs and CCFL.
LED Exit Signs $15.00 per Sign Must be ENERGY STAR rated.  Must replace existing fluorescent or incandescent exit signs.
LED Channel Signage $3.00 per Linear Foot Must include the replacement, retrofit or new installation of channel letter signs with LED lighting technology.
CFL Fixtures $10 per Fixture Must be ENERGY STAR rated.  This includes single or multi-lamp hardwired CFL fixtures with integral electronic ballast.
LED Refrigerated Case Lighting $37.50 per Door Must replace existing linear fluorescent lamps and be listed by the Design Lights Consortium.

Additional rebates are available, such as street and area lighting fixtures, which are capped at $220 per fixture.

From the experience of our customers, it’s the process of getting the rebates which can be the most cumbersome.  Ensure you follow their application processing exactly to get the proper funding.

For complete information & an application, visit FirstEnergy or call The Illuminating Company at 800-589-3101, Toledo Edison at 800-447-3333 or Ohio Edison at 800-633-4766.

For more information on ways to save money on LED lamps or innovative LED Integrated Fixtures, contact us today.

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