FlexPlus 1″ Vinyl Mini Blinds

Same Basic Look with Unbelievable Durability

Flexible, Maintenance Free Mini Blinds

FlexPlus 1″ Vinyl Mini Blinds provide an unimaginable solution for brittle, stained blinds in your property windows.   FlexPlus blinds are extruded with higher percentages of vinyl, versus filters of other mini blinds.  This puts an end to brittle blind slats that stain and break.  It features a metal headrail, metal bottomrail and premium room darkening slats.  FlexPlus Blinds are reformulated with no lead additives.

Consider what you want from your window treatments

Selecting the right window treatment for your project comes down to more than budget and ease of installation.  Considerations include expected replacement time, lease inclusions for replacement blinds, curb appeal, maintenance time savings, and more.


FlexPlus blinds are more expensive than standard Ready Made Vinyl Mini Blinds, however, the price is in the performance.  Blinds got bent?  Simply brush your hand up and down the slats and they straighten out.  Other blinds cracking from harsh sunlight?  FlexPlus is impermeable.  Residents complaining about sun intrusion?  Advanced blind composition features unparalleled room-darkening slats.



FlexPlus Blind

Deluxe Blind

Headrail Metal – Painted Metal – Painted
Bottomrail Metal – “C” Channel Metal – Enclosed
Slats 90% Opacity* PVC
Tilt Rod Steel Plastic
Tilter Clutch** Non-Clutch
Wand Clear Clear
End Brackets Metal/Top Hinge*** Metal/Bottom Hinge
Intermediate Supports Metal-Painted Metal-Painted
Cord 1.4 mm 1.4 mm


* 90% opacity is significantly higher in room darkening enhancement compared to PVC

**Clutch tilter does not allow for over-tilting and prevents damage to top slat and breaking of the tilter

*** Top hinge allows for tighter IB mounts, leading to less light gaps at window sides


FlexPlus blinds feature a one-year manufacturers warranty against defects.

FlexPlus Blind Performance – Worlds Toughest Blind

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