GU24 Converters Offer Bulb Savings

GU24 Converters Offer Bulb Savings

Property managers face huge cost from replacing pricy GU24 bulbs in multi-family communities

GU-24 converters are an incredible solution for properties (especially multi-family) whose construction or renovation groups left hundreds of fixtures sporting 2-pin CFLs.  GU-24 converters provide resolution for non-California based real estate properties so they’re not committed to these bulbs. The benefits of the GU-24 converters make them a worthwhile and inexpensive investment.

“GU24 converters are inexpensive and allow properties to convert a restrictive 2-pin fixture to accept standard medium base bulbs, even LED.  One of the biggest challenges multi-family communities face with GU24 bulbs is HUD typically considers these bulbs “not readily available” and therefore a management company has to provide tenant bulbs.” ~ Shawn Sanders, Owner, RealLighting

GU24 bulbs have a lot of hidden costs for properties.  These CFLs tend to burn out faster than their incandescent counterparts, and at a higher cost per lamp.  In addition, if the landlord has to provide bulbs to the tenants at no charge or have maintenance change the bulbs for residents, the costs jump exponentially.  The GU24 converter makes it so standard bulbs can be used and residents can easily change bulbs themselves.

Before purchasing GU24 converters, make sure to measure the fixture the converter  will be installed into.  U24 converters extend the length of the bulb by 2″.  If placing in a sealed fixture, make sure there is an extra 2″ from where the current bulb ends to where the fixture seals.  On a wall mount (especially bathroom vanities), be on the look out for the bulb peeking over the rim.

GU24 converters have been banned from future imports from the U.S. government.  Supplies are limited nationally, but RealLighting has inventory available.

For more information on the availability of GU24 converters from RealLighting or other creative ideas to preserve bulbs at your property, contact us today.

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