Historic Luxury Apartments Considers Real Lighting For Their Led Upgrades

Historic Luxury Apartments Considers Real Lighting For Their Led Upgrades

parklanevilla-exteriorModernizing a historic landmarks poses challenges, especially with a spectacular Trench Renaissance Beaux Arts architecture which must be carefully preserved. This luxury property strives to provide residents with modern design and living experiences while preserving the original 1920’s grandeur.

During Cleveland’s roaring 20’s, Park Lane Villa was a luxurious hotel, catering to Cleveland’s elite traveler, brought to the city by the spectacular millionaire’s row and first class entertainment. As decades past and Cleveland’s University Circle dining, entertainment and living moved to the suburbs, Park Lane Villa became dilapidated.

It’s historical significance saved it from demolition and renovation began by a Cleveland based company in 2005. Preserving the breathtaking ballroom, winding staircases and detailed architectural carvings was key to maintaining the integrity of the once exclusive property.


During renovation, the ballroom and common areas were illuminated with triple tube plugin bulbs in most of the recessed cans as well as the chandeliers in the ballroom. The building owners have begun discussing LED upgrades in common areas to compliment their current “green” initiatives as well as considering any money-saving advantages.

The challenge of the upgrades being considered is that retro-fitting the existing fixtures is not an option. Being “green” is a great initiative for companies, but sometimes the benefit does not outweigh the cost.

To accomplish what Park Lane Villa is hoping for, RealLighting recommended switching out the cans to LED can/trim combos and putting regular sockets in the chandeliers. This option is a relatively easy & inexpensive fix. The off-set is this process requires significantly more labor. To the professionals at RealLighting, retrofitting is not an option because of the associated cost. “Plugin ELD technology is simply not there yet in brightness or longevity,” stated RealLighting owner, Shawn Sanders. The only viable option is changing the whole can to an LED can – which is a huge cost in both the product itself as well as labor to make the change.

In the ceiling lights, mail area and lobby, no LED plugins are bright enough for the triple tubes & recessed cans. LED plugins are bulbs that have the “plug in” pin, where it inserts into the fixture to illuminate.

RealLighting believes in providing cost-effective solutions based on ROI. Just because a product says LED, doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for each application. Some solutions will need to be postponed until the technology and demand drive the price down to affordable levels. For more information on LED upgrades for your property, call RealLighting at 440-255-3711.

It is unclear if this project will meet their business & social objectives for the property. Updates will be posted as they become available.

Watch for comments as this project progresses. We’ll review the challenges, changes and finished product.

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