Hospital Rids Themselves of Fruit Fly Infestation

Hospital Rids Themselves of Fruit Fly Infestation

Severe infestation of fruit flies in dish washing room, hallways and even patient rooms is a worry of the past for this regional community hospital.


A hospital ecosystem is the perfect example of how fruit flies cross-contaminate and can cause serious perceived health issues for guests and/or patients.  In this situation, problems in the food preparation area in the basement led to outrage in a surgical suite as well as patient rooms.   Typical to the traveling of drain pests, homes and breeding grounds are commonly found in drains, but in the unexpected ventilation system as well.  During food prep, especially above fry stations and dish wash areas, backspray and grease find settling points anywhere possible.  While a fly may survive less than 60 days, in that time a female may lay up to 500 eggs.  New bugs travel and find their own breeding ground.

“We were  aware of the fruit fly problem in our kitchen and had tried every product available – inclusive of enzymes, boiling water, fly traps, wall tape, and more.  Despite predictable cold seasons, fruit fly swarms continued to pester our staff.  Although we were never able to claim we had it under control, the issue did not become a system-wide concern until a fruit fly landed on a patient in a surgical suite.”  Director of Infectious Diseases, Regional Health Facility

In this hospital’s case, the problem spread upstream as flies created habitats and began appearing in areas which put a serious impact on the health system’s brand image, forcing the involvement of the Infectious Diseases department. Aggressive measures were taken and the “Shock & Awe” aggressive treatment process was implemented.   A combination of products, including Grease Shield, InSink Balls, EcoGelly and Floor Devices were utilized. The hospital quickly saw a decrease in fly population and eradicated issues of bugs flying up shower drains in patient rooms.

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