Hospital Rids Themselves of Fruit Flies and Toxic Odors

Hospital Rids Themselves of Fruit Flies and Toxic Odors

The Eco-Drain System solves problems of toxic fats, oils & grease odors, fruit fly infestations and unsafe work environment.

The Problems

  • Interior trap room released odors so severe employees entering area had to wear gas masks.
  • Fruit flies were leaving food preparation area and wreaking havoc on the hospital.  
  • Fruit flies lined the walls in the dish washing room.
  • Constantly backing up floor drains caused hazardous work conditions.

The Product(s):   Grease Shield, Floor Device, InSink Balls
The Results:   The Eco-Drain System minimized facility odors, opened flow of drains and contained presence of pesky drain bugs



The Eco-Drain System (TEDS) representatives met with the Chief Engineer and Director of Environmental Services of a major hospital system’s regional health facility.  The kitchen, which serves three meals a day to 300 in-patient rooms, had consistent problems with odors and fruit flies in the basement kitchen.  Every allowed chemical and enzyme permitted for use in healthcare facilities was tried – and none solved their problems.  The odor became so foul that employees needed to wear a mask to enter the interior grease trap room.  Bugs lined the walls of the grease trap room and the adjoining dump sink area and the 2,000+ square feet dish washing room.  Standing water was everywhere and drain back-ups were all too common.

When the Chief Engineer received a call from the head of Infectious Control, he knew it was serious.  Until that day in August 2013, he believed the problem was contained in the kitchen area.  A surgeon had seen a fruit fly in a surgical suite and they needed to take action… NOW.

TEDS representatives met with them and surveyed their large kitchen, including dishwashing, food prep, baking and fry stations, and more.  An incredibly thorough plan was constructed and put into action within a few days.

The Treatment

Because the risk to their brand image was so high, this facility chose the most aggressive method to treat the nasty side effects of fats, oils and greases – known as the “Shock and Awe” process.  Due to its efficacy, they continue this process today.

TEDS was limited in this situation of being able to treat the issue from the ideal initial FOG producing areas – patient rooms.  So, for them, and other healthcare facilities, the treatment plan focused on treating the worst areas first and adding areas as time and budget permit.

The following products and methods were implemented:

  • Grease Shield pumped directly into their 1,000 gallon grease trap, 20 oz. per day, timed for 30 day delivery.  Grease Shield was also diluted 5:1 into a commercial sprayer and sprayed directly into floor drains, on infected walls and around heavy producing FOG areas like the grill and fry station.  Included in the spray delivery is mops, mop buckets and garbage cans.
  • Floor Devices were placed in open floor drains and Zurn traps, allowing the solid compound to be distributed every time water flows into the drains, allowing the bacteria to consistently eat away at the FOG that was slowly closing drains.
  • Eco-Gelly was poured into hard to reach floor drains and in necessary public spaces with fruit fly infestations, offering fast delivery with efficient results, leaving no sign the FOG treatment was in process.
  • In-Sink Balls were placed into back-of-house non-food and restroom sinks, releasing bacteria each time the puck was activated with water.
  • Bio Pucks were placed into gap sinks to facilitate the flow of bacteria throughout the drain system.  Pucks were also diluted in warm water for one hour and then poured into the Insinkerator to maximize bacteria release in that severely impacted room.

The hospital continues with an assigned person who has the once per week responsibility of maintaining The Eco-Drain System within their facility.  His/her job is to check the replacement needs of In-Sink Balls and the Floor Device, pour Eco-Gelly down the hard-to-reach drains and to spray Grease Shield in & around the floor drains, on & under equipment, etc.  A DEMA Pump distributes Grease Shield directly into the grease trap and is changed monthly.

The Result

The results were incredibly impressive:

  • Minimal fly population (they will continue to arrive with each food delivery, but their ability to find a breeding location is minimized)
  • Increased water flow (the bacteria continues to eat away at the FOG build-up)
  • Zero back-ups caused by grease (because the bacteria either digest the grease or it ends up in the grease trap)
  • Any and all foul odors from the drains have dissipated.

For more information about implementing The Eco-Drain System at your facility, please call 216-904-6046.

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