Hotel Has Fruit Flies Swarming Mop Closet & Dish Washing Stations

Hotel Has Fruit Flies Swarming Mop Closet & Dish Washing Stations


The Eco-Drain System solves problems of massive fruit fly infestations.

The Problems

  1. Fruit flies swarming around dish washing station, open-walled adjacent to food prep area.
  2. Beer troughs in various bars throughout the hotel with fruit fly presence.
  3. Mop closet infested with fruit flies.
The Product(s): Grease Shield, Eco-Gelly, InSink Balls
The Results: Fruit flies stopped swarming within 48 hours

Despite a national contract with an exterminating company, swarms of fruit flies continued to be a problem around the entire first floor of this prestigious hotel brand.  Reinforcement of brand respect and desire to continue predictable flow of business clientele forced the Chief Engineer and Operations Director to take action.  Priority number one was preventing fruit fly presence in their upscale lobby bar.

Upon a site inspection, flies were present around an air vent above the beer drought and swarming around hand wash sinks.  Upon opening the beer cooler below the bar, the walls were splattered with years of build up from spilled beer and wine – sugars which attract fruit flies and provide an ideal breeding ground.  Inside the impeccably clean kitchen (I’ve never seen a grease or fry station so shiny!), fruit flies were immediately observed around the attached dish wash station, again, circling the air vents and the wall behind the rinse sink.

The hotel’s problem was simple – although incredibly clean on the surface, food and beverage splash on uncleaned surfaces were providing the ideal breeding ground for drain pests.

The Treatment

In a 32 ounce hand spray bottle, we mixed 4 ounces of Grease Shield (to act as a degreaser) and 4 ounces of Eco-Gelly (a natural pesticide) to Shock and Awe untreated areas to begin immediately decreasing breeding grounds and inhibiting fly regenerations.  The mixture was sprayed on walls, down the sides of cooking equipment, inside the beer cooler, on service counters – everywhere the eye could see build up of FOGs.

The following products and methods were implemented:

  • Grease Shield – Diluted 5:1 into a 32 ounce hand spray bottle and used on service bars, the sides of cooking equipment and customer eating tables to act as a degreaser and eliminator of prime breeding grounds.  Additionally, diluted 4 ounces (along with 4 ounces of Eco-Gelly) into another 32 ounce hand spray bottle to deliver to areas with active fruit flies.  The mixture provided for the degreaser to begin breaking down the breeding grounds.
  • Eco-Gelly – Diluted 4 ounces (along with 4 ounces of Grease Shield) to allow the natural nemoils to discourage fruit fly mating and control the reproduction cycle of the fruit flies present in the facility.  This mixture was sprayed in and around air vents in key areas, inside the beer drought drain and along the walls, floors and drains in the dishwashing area.
  • InSink Balls – One was inserted into each of the two hand-wash sinks in the lobby bar to allow continued presence of bacteria into the drain system to prevent further breeding grounds or collection of sugars and oils from alcoholic beverages poured down sinks.

This facility was restricted by a budget largely used by unproductive methods, so the bare minimum of products were used to obtain the maximum efficiency.  Throughout the year, especially as warmer months deliver more idea breeding environments, it’s recommended this system be escalated to provide more underground treatments.  Additionally, the goal is for this national hotel brand to become more of an environmentally friendly partner by discontinuing their use of costly enzymes and chemicals used to keep their drains flowing.

For more information about implementing The Eco-Drain System at your facility, please call 216-904-6046.

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