How Does The Eco-Drain System Work

How Does The Eco-Drain System Work

The use of all-natural bacteria work together to eat fats, oils & greases in drains

The Eco-Drain System uses patent-pending delivery mechanisms to deliver naturally occurring FOG-eating bacteria strains to the areas that need them most.  These bacteria ingest the fats, oils & greases, releasing nothing but water and carbon dioxide into the water supply.  Similar strains of bacteria have been used to clean such messes as the BP Oil Spill of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico as well as other highly publicized catastrophic oil spills.

Each The Eco-Drain System product releases bacteria differently, depending upon the formula.  The Bio-Puck, InSink Ball, Floor Device and Bio-Block release bacteria when activated with water.  These products placement are areas such as sinks and the grease trap itself, allowing for naturally timed delivery of bacteria.  Grease Patrol and EcoGelly have bacteria that enter the system and begin working immediately.  EcoGelly provides an additional layer of ammunition with a natural Nemoil pesticide to impact active drain pests.

“The Eco-Drain System finally provides not only a solution for food service establishments to rid themselves of issues caused by fats, oils & greases, but it can be done without an expense to the environment like enzymes and other harsh chemical treatments.” ~ Mike Sapara, President, The Eco-Drain System


Not to be overlooked, The Eco-Drain system bacteria returns FOG to the water supply cleaner, greener and healthier than any byproduct coming out of your drains.  This is not an enzyme, so molecules of FOG are actually eaten up, rather than simply moved further down your pipelines.

For TEDS to be effective, it’s recommended to start treatment at the furthest point upstream where fats, oils or greases are entering your drainage system.  At hospitals, sometimes that involves treatments in rooms.  At apartment complexes, sometimes that involves treatments on the top floor.  At food service establishments it’s typically hand-wash stations and mop sinks.  Wherever FOG enters your drains, The Eco-Drain System has a solution to stop build up and complications in its track.

For more information on The Eco-Drain System, contact us or complete our property survey for a personalized proposal to rid your facility of the effects of fats, oils and greases.

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