Illuminating the Possibilities: Updating LED Wall Packs & Small Flood Lights

Illuminating the Possibilities: Updating LED Wall Packs & Small Flood Lights

Have You Considered the Money-Saving Alternatives of Updating LED Wall Packs & Small Flood Lights?


Take a moment to consider the number of outdoor LED wall packs and small flood lights throughout your property. 30? 120? 500?

What would savings on each fixture make possible?

Planning and building departments across the country have various¬†regulations as to how many exterior lights are required per linear foot of multi-family, commercial, hospitality and healthcare facilities, but one thing is for sure… as a property owner/manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of guests by preventing dark spots, blinding light cross-over and immediately replacing burnt out bulbs.

The Dark Sky Society  is an advocate for providing responsible and meaningful lighting across the world and contributes thoughtful considerations that go beyond city ordinances:

  • Promote Safety. “More light” is not necessarily better. Unsafe glare can contribute to accidents and hinder visibility.
  • Save Money. Adhere to recommended light levels & use shielded fixtures with cost-effective and appropriate bulbs.
  • Conserve Natural Resources. Excessive lighting has a negative effect on the environment.
  • Be Better Neighbors. Misdirected lighting may be intrusive to the comfort of commercial or residential neighbors.

RealLighting is always looking for solutions to not only save you money, but also be a good corporate citizen. Try this!!

LED-8029E57 – 24w of power = 100w HID Bulb
$109 (quantity discounts for 25+ per order)

Saves almost 80% of your electricity and works on 120v-277v. All you need to do is bypass the ballast and screw it in. The fixture comes with a manufacturer’s 5 year warranty.

If you’d like this bulb added to your Personalized Order Form, e-mail us and we’ll make the update to simplify future ordering.

Need guidance on how to make this work or what the savings could be?  Call us at 888-554-4485 today.


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