What Makes The Eco-Drain System Good for the Environment

What Makes The Eco-Drain System Good for the Environment

The Eco-Drain System returns fats, oils & greases back into the water supply … as water


It’s hard to imagine, but picture this.  A sludge filled grease trap or a tub drain spewing up dead tissue cells and hair or even an odorous drain in a bathroom.  The common component is the build up of fats, oils and greases preventing water and natural byproducts from flowing down the drain as they’re supposed to.  The result?  Slow-moving drains, horrific odors and waste back-ups.

The Eco-Drain System works differently on other products on the market, in that it doesn’t simply move organic materials down the pipes to the next treatment point until ultimately the fats, oils & greases enter the public water supply and it’s the county’s problem.  TEDS bacteria actually EAT the molecules that make up the FOG and return it to our eco-system in as clean and natural of a state that’s possible.

“After over 20 years in F&B, I became passionate about not only finding a solution to the problems which always faced our kitchen, but also finding a solution that didn’t create a whole other set of problems.” ~ Mike Sapara, President, The Eco-Drain System


The benefits of The Eco-Drain System seem to be endless.  The quest to find viable solutions was to improve the working environment for team-members faced with constantly dealing with drain back ups and odors.  But the benefits now extend into brand image protection, eco-friendly community partnerships, responsible waste prevention, and more.  

For more information on The Eco-Drain System, contact us or complete our property survey for a personalized proposal to rid your facility of the effects of fats, oils and greases.

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