Ohio Fitness Facility Rids Pool of Drain Flies

Ohio Fitness Facility Rids Pool of Drain Flies

Following a renovation of their locker rooms and a complete rebuild of the indoor aquatic facilities, an Ohio community center found their showers and pool drains laden with large populations of drain flies.  Members were upset by the presence of flies in their showers and bugs were present on pool walls.  The issue isn't typical to one The Eco-Drain System is called to address, but we discussed with the Facilities Manager and they decided to give it a try.


The community center started an aggressive program to get the bug issue under control by unscrewing floor drain lids in each shower and placing 2 Bio-Pucks into the well.  They also diluted Grease Patrol (3:1) in a spray bottle and sprayed it in the trough drains around the pool each night for one week after the pool closed.  (Note, bleach will kill the bacteria used in The Eco-Drain System, so it was important to allow the bacteria to activate during the least water spill over time of the day.)


Within the first week, the drain fly population was barely noticeable.  By week two, they were no longer present.  The maintenance team continues to use The Eco-Drain System with diluting the Grease Patrol (3:1) and spraying around the shower and pool drains every two weeks.

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