Still Buying Incandescent Bulbs? RealLighting Has Your Solution.

Still Buying Incandescent Bulbs? RealLighting Has Your Solution.

Illuminating the Possibilities

We haven’t upgraded to LED but are having a hard time finding incandescents.  What’s still available?

Incandescent bulbs are becoming a dinosaur in the lighting world, but here at RealLighting we’re focused on helping our customers save money.  The reality is that not every property is ready to upgrade to LED and incandescents are still necessary to maintain property lighting. ~~ Shawn Sanders, Owner, RealLighting

Many lighting distributors have discontinued stocking many of the most popular incandescent bulbs used in property management.  At the moment, RealLighting maintains high inventory levels on the following bulbs:


General Household

  • A19
  • 100w
  • 75w
  • 60w
  • 25w

Bathroom Vanity

  • G25
  • 40w
  • 25w


Based on relationships with our current suppliers, we don’t anticipate a change of inventory availability in the “foreseeable” future.  Vague, we know, but as legislation changes, so does demand.  But you can count on RealLighting being at the forefront of continuing to service your needs.

Additional wattages are available in halogen.  For a 10-15% increase in cost you’ll be able to have high efficiency bulbs with just a fraction of the price increase associated with making the jump to LED.  E-mail us t have halogen bulbs added to your personalized order form.

For product specific questions, please call 888-554-4485 or e-mail.  If you are not currently a RealLighting customer and would like additional information, please call 216-904-6046 or e-mail.

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